Happy December everyone! Christmas may be a few weeks away, but my
 thoughts are already turning to the festive season. Actually, I have a big
guilty pleasure, which is overly shopping and indulging to everything
Christmas related. So what a better way to start the weekend, doing all
 my Xmas shopping around West Berlin, in anticipation of the big
day. Exciting, huh? Sending christmassy love to everyone!



Here are some images from my favorite look of this week, taken on a break from
intense days of working. This month has been all about shopping online for new 
season pieces, like this sweater and pants that I've spotted some days ago among
 the huge selection at OTTO. All very sleek and very end of fall kind of feeling. 



Back in Berlin from Amsterdam for a week before we jet off new destinations. 
As you read this, we are actually organizing the last details for our next trip, as next 
week we are off to Warsaw for a really exciting project. Something tell us December 
& the new year are gonna be amazing and we are loving it already. Meanwhile, this
 is how yesterday ended up like: walking in our absolutely favorite district with 
my absolutely favorite Adidas sweater. Sending Sunday love to everyone!