Back in Berlin from Amsterdam for a week before we jet off new destinations. 
As you read this, we are actually organizing the last details for our next trip, as next 
week we are off to Warsaw for a really exciting project. Something tell us December 
& the new year are gonna be amazing and we are loving it already. Meanwhile, this
 is how yesterday ended up like: walking in our absolutely favorite district with 
my absolutely favorite Adidas sweater. Sending Sunday love to everyone! 



We know. Spring may still be months away, but that's not stopping up for playing new season
 dressing up. A while ago we feasted our eyes on the Swedish brand ODEUR's spring/summer 2015 
collection. We love its color palette and the way the designer duo incorporated a sporty vibe with
 classic tailoring and sophisticated details. The design, the fit, everything is really put together nicely!
Still fresh from its successful presentation at Berlin Fashion Week in July, we decided to bring this
 great unisex collection back home to allow you to have a look at the stand-out pieces that will be 
hitting stores next year. You will have no problems adding a few more cool bomber jackets and 
shorts to your wardrobe, will you? The only problem will be having to wait that long!



Everyone is talking about it. In a few days H&M will be rolling out pieces from their 
new collaboration with sporty-chic designer Alexander Wang, and while you wait you 
get to see a sneak preview here first. For this range, Wang serves up cool shapes and 
top-notch quality, for what is definitely one of the sleekest and most contemporary 
H&M collabos yet. We absolutely love all the monochrome pieces. And you? Will
 you be picking anything up? Assuming we don't have to remind you to pop the
 6th November in your calendar, do we?! So get your favorite look while you can!